MoneyShow - BNB Workshop Intro


about 2 years agoMay 2, 2020
When does the video with Michael Markowski start?

We got the intro, then nothing happened.
about 2 years agoMay 3, 2020
Still waiting...
about 2 years agoMay 4, 2020
Still waiting
about 2 years agoMay 4, 2020
Either it's top secret, or Moriarty is correct - nobody knows anything.
almost 2 years agoJune 1, 2020
I encourage others to Google Michael Markowski's name alongside "fraud" and do some reading. I just lost about 60k in the past few months to selling my long investments in April 2020 and shorting the market because I believed all the warnings from this website and from RIA/Lance Roberts. They post convincing content like this ( in order to scare you into their sales funnels, but MANY of their predictions turn out to be wrong. There is a reason why professional CFAs and advisors tell you that it's impossible to consistently predict the future. The academic literature if filled with proof of that. The best that a retail investor can do is to balance and diversify: a bit of cash in high interest savings, some precious metals, some bonds, some long global equities, some real estate, some CTAs if you can, etc. Keep rebalancing annually. Everything else is truly just designed to separate you from your money and trickle it up to someone who's wealthier than you (or endeavours to be).
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